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Are The Orioles Going To Hire The First Female GM In Major Sports History? It's Quite Possible That Kim Ng Could Be The Orioles Next GM

This is a story that has been picking up some steam in the last few days. The Orioles are growing increasingly interested in Kim Ng for their open GM position. I'm not sure if you know this or not, but Kim Ng is a female. If hired, she would become the first female GM in any of the major sports. Ng currently is serving as the Senior Vice-President for Baseball Operations with MLB. The Orioles have been rumored to interview some other names as well, like former Dodgers GM, Ned Colletti. Since the Angelos sons have taken over the reigns, things have been much tighter, no real leaks coming out from the front office. But two of the names that have been floated out there are Ng and Colletti. I want on the record that I am all in favor of Kim Ng being the next GM of the Orioles.

Now I haven't seen or read anything that the Orioles have officially interviewed Ng, but she is for sure on their short list of candidates, and for good reason. She has worked her way up through all the ranks of baseball since breaking into the sport back in the early 1990s. She began her career as an intern with the White Sox, and then was hired full-time by Chicago in 1991 as a special projects analyst before getting promoted to Assistant Director of Baseball Operations in 1995. In 1997 she took a position as the Director of Waivers and Records, a spot where she approved all transactions that came across. Brian Cashman hired her in 1998 to be the Assistant GM at just 29. You talk about all the pub Theo Epstein got for being a young GM, Kim being a young, FEMALE Assistant GM at 29 is insane. Ng later joined the Dodgers as Vice President and Assistant GM in 2001. In 2005 she interviewed for the GM position with the Dodgers but obviously lost out to Ned Colletti who hired her immediately as his assistant. She has interviewed a few times for GM jobs with the Padres, Angels, and Mariners. It's also rumored that the Mets and Giants are interested in Ng for their GM positions.

It's just a matter of time before a female, not just Kim, is the head GM for a baseball team, and rightfully so. I mean just look at the positions she has held with the teams. Brian Cashman isn't handing out jobs to a female to get publicity, he had her on his staff because she knows her stuff. It seems she has the "It" factor and could for sure help a team out, especially a team like the Orioles who have had some rocky times in their front office the last few seasons. What better way to change the tide and kick off a new regime than making this splash?

I don't care if the Orioles next GM is a male, female, black, white, green, pink, or an alien, if they can come into this organization and right the ship, good. I'm fully on board with this move in Baltimore, but you know there will be backlash from this move if it happens. Old white men saying "WOMEN DON'T BELONG IN BASEBALL!" and other crappy sexist stuff like that. It's 2018, I'm fully expecting there to be TONS of women who can run baseball teams better than men.

I'm sure she interviews well, but I'm also sure there are teams out there that are TERRIFIED to hire her because they think they would get made fun of and people would point their fingers and laugh. And to that, I say who gives a shit, let her laugh back when she is holding up the World Series trophy as she rides down Eutaw Street in the parade.