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What I Just Witnessed Was Extremely Erotic


Of course, I’ll have everything tomorrow morning, but how could I not blog something real quick. The wait for this game was brutal, but BOY was it fucking worth it. At this point do the Sixers even play the rest of their season? I mean what’s the point? Do they think things change in the future? I don’t know if they were paying attention but the Celtics just shat down their throat AGAIN and they AGAIN basically did it without Kyrie. The Celtics played like shit for long stretches and we still got our first GINO of the year (buy a goddamn shirt). I told you we’re going to get so many blowouts we don’t even need to play well to get them.

Also, quick moment of silence for Joel Embiid, Markell’s Fultz, and basically the entire Process. They are dead.

I’ll see you all tomorrow, I’m way to drunk off Kool Aid to keep going. Just know the Celtics are BACK and that’s bad news for every team in the NBA.