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I Was So Close To Making This Blog About A Dude Who Fucks This Bird But It's Too Beautiful To Defame

I wanted to roast this story and call this guy a weirdo but I cant.

I had full intentions of saying something like, “nice one, bird fucker. Imagine him shoving his dick down this bird’s gullet. Ole sardine dick head ass” but now I cant because the story is too lovely.

I watched the whole thing and got tears in my eyes. Ice cold tears. It’s so beautiful that my heart lept three octaves when I watched it. I’m so glad that this bird family is sticking together and I loved when the stork hopped out of the car and went right on inside the house like the old woman she is.

I must admit though, it saddened me I found out that her bird husband left for the winter. How do they know that he goes to South Africa? What happens the year that he doesn’t come back? You know what? I don’t want an update on that. I will just live the rest of my life thinking that they are all happy together and chilling on the roof with the best view in town. That’s really the only way to live.