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The NBA Is Back And We Have So Many Sports To Bet On

The NBA starts tonight with the 76ers @ Celtics and the Thunder @ Warriors. Great games but this gets us into full throttle of gambling season. You have so many games to either put you deep in the hole or find ways to get yourself out of debt.

I will be taking the Celtics at -5 tonight but as basketball come back around, they are the king of bad beats. Between the fouling at the end of the game or pointless three pointers, it all brings back terrible memories. I am excited for it to start but I know how it always ends for me. Since the NBA is now back we have the big four sports all going on, and there are others that I love to dabble with as well. Those sports are Japanese and Mexican baseball. I am more of a Japanese baseball guy because those games start at 5am and that can really jump start your day.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 3.29.18 PM

I mean look at these teams names, this gets the juices flowing. Lets get back on track. Stay focused on the games tonight…

My Picks:

     Celtics -5 

 Warriors -13 

      Houston -126 

      Dodgers -150 

     Saitama Seibu Lions -175 

     Jersey Devils – 125

Again stay safe out there while all of these games are happening. I also just realized I have all favorites tonight and you can’t love that. It never works about but I ‘m going with it. Mush to the Moon.