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I Don't Know Shit About Gaming But I Too Am Excited Gordon Hayward Is Back

I’m not going to sit here and tell you I have any idea what League of Legends is. I know it’s probably pretty popular in the gaming world and maybe that makes me a n00b because I don’t play it. I’m not shitting on it by any means, I just don’t know all that much about it. I’m more of a 2K guy myself. Obviously we know Gordon Hayward is a huge gamer and you see clips all the time of him playing and socializing with people, and I think that’s really cool. So when a stoolie sent me this video, while I may have felt like my parents when I try to explain to them what wireless internet is, I figure there are some readers here that know this game and would enjoy this video because let’s be honest at the end of the day we are ALL excited that Gordon Hayward is finally back.

Now did I need to see him get injured again in cartoon form? Not really, I’m trying to stay positive and I didn’t really need that juju out there right now. I can’t go through that again. But it’s for sure a cool video worth sharing with the masses. I would imagine this game probably kept him sane while he made his way back and for that I am thankful. Everyone knows the toughest part of rehab is the mental part, so if this helped him in any way then even assholes like me that have no idea what this is should be grateful.

I’d ask for a stoolie to show me the ropes with this, but I feel like it’s probably super addicting and unfortunately I’m all out of addiction hours with the Celts being back. Still a cool video though.