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Parents Upset After A Kid Brought Cookies To Class That Had Her Grandma's Ashes In Them

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DAVIS — A family in Davis is shocked and upset after their son came home and told them about a bizarre incident at a Davis high school. He told them another student brought cookies to school baked with her grandmother’s ashes and was passing them around. “This girl is going around telling everyone, basically at this point, that she had brought in these cookies to school with human ashes in them,” said the Da Vinci Charter Academy High School student who spoke to FOX40 on Monday. He claims the tainted cookies were made by another Da Vinci Charter Academy student two weeks ago and given to others. The boy’s family agreed to speak to FOX40 on the condition that their identities be hidden for fear of repercussion from the Davis Joint Unified School District. “It blew my mind. I was really repulsed and I was upset that I wasn’t even notified,” the boy’s mother said.

Wahhhhhhhhhh someone brought me cookies wahhhhhhhhh there were ashes in the cookies wahhhhhhhhhh. Shut the fuck up, you stupid kids. Maybe I’m old fashioned like the dead grandma but I say ‘thank you’ when someone gives me a cookie. Doesn’t matter what kind of cookie it is or if there may or may not be a dead person’s ashes in them, you say ‘thank you’ and you eat the cookie. It’s called manners. I’ll eat a cookie with a dead person in it right this second. I don’t care. Give me one. I guarantee it tastes exactly the same as any other cookie so I’m not too worried about it. Not to mention being upset about these cookies is essentially spitting in the face of the girl’s dead grandma. That grandma lived a full life that included multiple wars and The Great Depression. Show some damn respect and eat the cookie that was baked with her ashes.

The parents need to shut up too. They’re not gonna be able to monitor everything their kids do at school. They can homeschool their kids if that’s what they want but I can guaran-fucking-tee they don’t wanna do that because kids are monsters. Parents love sending their kids to school because it means they don’t have to watch them but that comes with its own risks. For instance, your kid might eat a cookie with dead grandma ashes in it. Don’t want that to happen? Watch them all day every day and protect them from the world, you won’t.