Apple Caves Amid Intense Public Outrage - Adds Cream Cheese To The Bagel Emoji.

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EmojiPediaApple has released a new version of its forthcoming bagel emoji. Now including cream-cheese, this aims to address concerns raised about the previous design.

When Apple first released the new emoji support in iOS 12.1 beta 2, many were quick to criticize the bagel. “What midwestern bagel factory did this bagel come out of?” asked Nikita Richardson of Grub Street.

Today Apple released beta 4 of iOS 12.1, and the bagel design has changed.

For everyone who says protesting doesn’t work, who says they “don’t agree with the tactics” used, who think that public protests are a useless waste of time – egg on your face.  Just take a look.  Soak it in.  Watch how an organized group of dissenters can cause change in the world.

I’m of course happy for the change.  An emoji on my phone that more accurately illustrates the bagel.  A food item that symbolizes not just a delicious breakfast, but an entire NYC cultural staple.  Bagels are as much a part of this city as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building and pizza.  Nerds in California know nothing about it and can’t appreciate it.  It’s like if we mailed it on our depiction of an Acai Berry Power Smoothie with an Energy/Memory booster.  Just lazy and offensive to an entire way of life.

My only concern is that they went plain cream cheese.  I scrolled through and I don’t see one with lox?  No tomato and onion and capers over some salmon?  Ooooh man.  Problematic.  I won’t cause a scene about it but let’s just say, if that isn’t an option by December 2nd, we’re going to have an issue.

Next order of business: disabled people.


Remember when they changed the peach because too many people were using it as a butt?

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Uncle Chaps was crushed.