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Wake Up With The Shot Heard Around The World, Bartolo's Bomb
Where were you when Bartolo went yard? This is one of those things you'll always remember, it was such a magical time. It was all over the TVs, the internet blew up, Ken Rosenthal cried when it happened, it was a lovely time for our country. Bart saw a 1-1 pitch and knew he had to crush it, and let's be real, he did kind of get ahold of it, this wasn't a cheapy by any means. I usually hate when pitchers bat, because 9.5 times out of 10 they roll over to second and barely move out of the box. I'd rather see guys like David Ortiz and Edgar Martinez over Adam Wainwright or Clayton Kershaw try and hit. Very few pitchers actually have me interested when they have a bat in their hands, Bartolo is one of them.
Everything about this homer was great, Colon actually putting a good swing on it, his terrible stance where he steps out towards third base, the excellent call by the announcer, the color analyst literally laughing during the home run, just everything. Probably my favorite is the dugout scattering and heading down into the tunnel. Too funny, I'm a sucker for group dugout celebrations.
One of the most memorable moments (most memorable for Mets fans) over the last few years. Long live the Bartolo Bomb.