Man Arrested In Sex Sting "Was Only There Because He Wanted To See A Sting In Action"

From the Gainesville News:

A Gainesville barber was one of seven men arrested in a Volusia County internet sex sting.

When 34-year-old James Bowen, co-owner of Bob’s Barber Shop in Gainesville, was arrested at a RaceTrac station in Deltona over the weekend, he told Volusia County sheriff’s deputies he only came to the meeting place because he believed it was an undercover sting and he thought it would be cool to see it in action, according to a news release from VCSO.

Bowen got what he claimed he was looking for and was arrested, the release said. He had had sexually charged chats and texts with an undercover detective he believed was a 14-year-old girl.

::shuffles paper bag of Strawberry Four Locos & Sweet Tarts candies under arm, smoothes down hair, checks breath::

::knock, knock, knock::

::sees several police officers instead of a 14 year old girl::

::plays it cool::

“Eyyyyyyy! You guys here for the sting, too? Yep, just here to see that sting. Gotta love a good sting. Where should I sit to wait for the creeps? I don’t wanna be in your way.”

Hope justice is served for all six disgusting slimeballs arrested in this setup & shoutout to the cops who got these guys. Convincing as it was, pretty sure they’re not gonna buy Bowen’s excuse.