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USA Saves Mexico's Ass For the 10 Millionth Time, This Time In Their Own Sport Of Soccer

“Estados Unidos, we love you forever everrrr”



MSN - Mexico will play New Zealand for a spot in next year’s World Cup despite losing 2-1 at Costa Rica on Tuesday night. The Mexicans advanced to the home-and-home series when the United States rallied with two late goals to win at Panama. That kept Mexico in fourth place at the conclusion of the CONCACAF final qualifying round with only 11 points, three ahead of Panama, which would have advanced by holding off the Americans.

My goodness Mexico, if there is anything else we can do for you, just let us know please, cause we are running out of ideas. We let your people cut our lawns, build our buildings, and cook our food. And now we are letting you salsa dance right into the World Cup, and we don’t even care about the World Cup. It’s kind of embarrassing how much we do for you guys while you all stand around shaking your maracas. But I guess that’s why we’re America. We’re your friendly rock, flag, and eagle neighbor to the north. When you need to borrow a cup of sugar, we let you have it and don’t expect anything in return. There was just no way we were going to let that ungrateful good for nothing Panama go to the World Cup instead of you. They’ve been nothing but trouble since they built that canal.