Matt Barnes is a Cheater and Needs To Be Punished By Major League Baseball

Hey folks, I don’t want to be that guy, but that’s illegal. Now I’m sure Boston apologists will be quick to say that’s rosin or sunscreen or sweat (all things Jared just came up as an excuse), but let’s be real folks it’s not. Matt Barnes cheated last night and Major League Baseball must take action at once. It’s disrespectful to the beautiful game of baseball. Now for sure Michael Pineda is as guilty as anyone for this and got caught a few years ago. John Farrell had to come out of the dugout and cry that he crossed the line.

So if that happened and Pineda got suspended then Matt Barnes needs to face the same punishment. Fair is fair. Rules are rules. And while we’re here, Barnes isn’t the only one who is bending the rules lately. Craigy Kimbrel looked mighty suspicious during the ALDS. You be the judge.

Such a shame. What terrible role models these guys are for kids watching at home. Just terrible.

Title Fuck Up: Hand up I messed up the title. It’s a miracle in itself my brain is working this well after my Boston weekend.