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Monday Afternoon NBA Time Waster: Top 100 Plays Of 2018

2018 NBA Finals - Game Three

Look Mondays are tough for everyone. You feel like shit, you’re angry there is so much of the work week ahead, your boss is already up your ass about something stupid, I get it. I’m not too far removed from that life so I understand your pain. However, you’ve almost made it through. Sure the post lunch hours have taken years but the end is close and one day is almost down. And remember, I’m here to help you cross that finish line. So naturally, with basketball returning tomorrow I wanted to find something both long and awesome (talking highlights, not dicks people) because you deserve it. Naturally my brain went to the idea that we needed some sort of extended countdown and fortunately the internet never disappoints. That’s why today we’ll be both killing time and addressing our collective excitement that basketball is back with the Top 100 plays from the 2018 season.

What I love about the NBA right now is that each year there are more and more ridiculous plays. Players nowadays are able to do so many crazy things on a basketball court that don’t really make sense it’s almost scary. You have 6’10 guys doing things that guards do, monster dunks, insane handles, the works. So please, sit back, close your email and enjoy this beautiful 26 minute video of pure basketball porn.

One day down, four more to go. Good work today everybody, I’ll see you all again tomorrow afternoon where we stick it to the man together.