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Ukrainian Parliament Fight Is The Way Politics Should Be Done

KIEV – Deputies in the Ukrainian parliament brawled in the chamber on Tuesday after a communist leader accused nationalists of playing into the hands of Russia by adopting extreme tactics early in the Ukrainian crisis.

Who cares if Ukraine is revolting against itself and is on the brink of not only a civil war but being invaded by the Russians? This is how you run a civilized government, Iron Curtain style. You disagree on an issue, you take matters into your own hands. Ukraine is not weak. We’re looking at a country solely run on Stolichnaya and old man strength. And it works, well at least it did for a bit.

At least they care about their government and country enough to be willing to literally fight for it. Would LOVE to see an iota of passion like this out of our Congress. I’m talking old school, Rep. Preston Brooks taking a cane to a skull to defend a state’s rights to keep black people as their possessions type of anger (shout out to the 2 history majors who get that reference). Nancy Pelosi wants to bitch about the environment or corruption? John Boehner should call her a skank and invite her in the rotunda for a Royal Rumble. Jackknife powerbomb then maybe a flying elbow in Macho Man’s memory. Tag-team Rob Ford from up North to come in swinging like King Kong Bundy when needed. Deficit solved.