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Panthers at Redskins - Let's Not Be Suck Today - Week 6 Live Blog

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Kind of a big early season game here for the Skins. Coming off that horrific performance vs the Saints, today’s game can set the tone for the rest of the season. This can go two ways- they rebound, play good football like I think they can, and stay in the hunt for the NFC East. Or they do the opposite- they roll over and play as bad as they did last week vs the Saints, the locker room drama heats up, the Gruden rumors intensify, and all hell breaks loose. Now, there is nothing in the last 15 years that makes me think anything besides the latter will happen. That being said, I really like this team, but unfortunately they haven’t been able to put it all together, and now at week 6, it’s pretty much do or die. Can’t go much longer “not putting it together”. Can’t have the run game non-existent one week, and the pass game disappear the next. Can’t have the top ranked pass defense and then have the secondary completely humiliated. That’s not how winning teams do it. It’s going to be tough vs Cam and Christian McCaffrey and the 3-1 Panthers, but if they can’t get this done, it’s a long road ahead. And it certainly doesn’t help they will have to do it without CT25 or Jamison Crowder. So someone *cough Doctson cough* is going to have to step up because we need to keep pace with the Eagles. Gotta go out, execute, GET STOPS ON 3RD DOWN, not take boneheaded penalties to extend drives, and hopefully get a WR to make a play for once. So HTTR, let’s not be suck today.