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Tough As Hail: Australian Mom Fights Mother Nature To Protect Baby Whereas I Used A Baby As A Bee Shield Once

Last Fall I met up with some of my girlfriends at an apple orchard where I missed the memo & turned out to be the only woman without a baby strapped to my chest. One of my friends handed me her baby so she could go use the bathroom & while I juggled the little guy & a cider donut an angry bee came at me. Without thinking my immediate knee-jerk reaction was to use the baby as a shield from the bee while my other friends looked on in horror & embarrassment. (Melissa if you’re reading this I’m sorry about what I did but your baby was fine.) Long story short, I’m glad I wasn’t in Fiona Simpson’s place in NW Brisbane, Australia.

From Fox News:

An Australian woman suffered severe bruising after she used her body to shield her 4-month-old baby from a brutal hail storm with softball-sized hail that shattered through her car window Thursday, reports said.

Fiona Simpson, 23, was driving with her grandmother, 78, and baby in Kingaroy, northwest of Brisbane, when a tornado and hail storm hit, smashing her window, Australia’s reported. She then covered her baby with her body as the hailstones came at them.

“We parked at the side of the road when the storm got too heavy and the hail blew out our windows,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “I covered my infant with my body to stop her from getting badly injured. Please, please be careful in this storm season.”

Looking at the intensity of the storm & the damage she suffered it’s safe to say Simpson saved her child’s life.

Glad they’re ok. As for me, I’m pretty confident if it was something life or death I’d step up & do the right thing. But life or donut… the verdict is still out.