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A Pennsylvania Candidate For Governor Put Out An Ad Saying He's Gonna Stomp His Opponent's Face With Golf Spikes

Talk that shit champ! Talk that shit! I’ll tell you what, I’ll get much more interested in politics if this is how politicians start talking to each other. Politics are soooooooooooo boring despite Donald Trump’s new brand of politics. Politicians do seem more likely to hurl insults at one another nowadays but I need more threats of physical violence like this. That dude right there is running to be the governor of Pennsylvania and he said he’s gonna stomp the other dude’s face with golf spikes. That’s super aggressive but super awesome at the same damn time. Not only that but he started it off by saying saying, “YOU BETTER PUT A CATCHER’S MASK ON YOUR FACE” and he wasn’t kidding. He’s not messing around. It’s fade on sight for that old bastard. He’s gonna be walking around in golf spikes 24/7 just hoping to run into that guy so he can stomp him out. The only way his opponent can respond now is to put out an ad where he’s holding a catcher’s mask the whole time then tosses it aside at the end and says, “Bring it on you son of a bitch.” Need it. Want it. Make it happen.