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Charles Barkley Admitted That He Has Not Worn Underwear For The Last 10 Years

Jesus Christ, Chuck! Do you think the people that actually watch The Tonight Show in the flyover states want to hear about the Lil’ Chuckwagon and his round mounds from downtown flopping around all free with no boundaries? Hellllll no. The male genitalia is many things. An essential reproductive tool. Occasional play thing when you are bored. And the root cause for more problems than anything else in the world. But it is nothing that should be thrown into someone’s mind as they are running the clock out on their night while laying in bed. Especially since Chuck is a bigger man that likely already has a bunch of drainage issues going on below the belt. On the bright side, that herky jerky golf shot from hell makes a lot more sense when you imagine the everglades situation Chuck likely has going on under that thin layer of pants when he hits the links. The downside however far outweighs all that since you either have to wash your pants after every time you wear them, which is ludicrous, or you are walking around in pants with old dick & ball residue. No matter which way you cut it, you lose, which is why the underwear industry is teflon.

And for the people that want to give Charles credit for being an alpha and shedding his underpants (all-time hilarious word btw) with no regard for human life, lets pump the brakes since he was sneak attacked and set up Shaq. That’s right, Shaquille O’Neal set his arch nemesis up to talk about his dick and balls on national TV. That’s not exactly getting set up by Littlefinger. Just another awful look for the ringless, underpantsless Charles Barkley.