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Nevada Head Coach Eric Musselman Continues To Be A Lunatic

I have a confession. I absolutely love Eric Musselman. He might be my favorite coach in all of college basketball. The dude is a lunatic and in the best way. So last night was Nevada’s version of Midnight Madness, which included a scrimmage, dunk contest and 3-point contest. But, as you can see it started with Muss coming in on a motorcycle dressed as the mascot. He’s just the best. I mean, sure it helps that he lets his kids play a fun style of play. Get the ball up and down the court, get up shots and force tempo. Nevada is one of the most entertaining teams in the country.

But, what other coach would actually let a kid try to jump over him?

Give Trey Porter some credit here. That’s a legit clearing of Muss. Most of the time we see a push off the back to elevate. He actually cleared Musselman here. But, really just give credit to Musselman. He’s turned Nevada into an absolute basketball program again. I’ve been able to talk to their coaching staff before about their philosophy of bringing in transfers and it makes a ton of sense. They want guys that are experienced and perhaps a bit overlooked. It also gives them a year within the system before getting onto the court. It’s an absolutely unique way to recruit and build a program but it’s given them a top-5 ranking this year – no matter what Marty Mush says.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to play for this guy? He’ll blast some bare chest on the court after winning a title:

He’ll celebrate in the locker room with you and not give a damn about a hot mic:

You thought Jimmy V was excited about winning a game in the NCAA Tournament? Muss makes Jimmy V look calm:

I’m all in on Nevada this year and the appropriately named MussBuss for the fans. They have a ton of depth. They have NBA talent. They have an All-American candidate. They have NCAA Tournament experience. They have an absolute lunatic for a head coach. This team will be worth staying up late to watch during the regular season.