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Cubs Fire Chili Davis To *Hopefully* Bring Back Sammy

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 7.27.19 PM

Alright obviously no one wants to see another person lose their job. That obviously blows so I’m not here to kick an already downed man. But I think we can also agree that the Cubs’ offense sucked under Chili Davis’s leadership:

The perfect tweet to show just how terrible the Cubs were in the 2nd half. Nauseating stuff, and when it’s that bad with this much talent, you need to point a few fingers and cut some jobs. Last year it was Bosio and Mallee this year it’s Chili Davis and presumably next year it would be everybody if the Cubs repeat the 2018 2nd half. But have no fear – that day will not come. The 2019 Cubs will be back as the 2018 Red Sox rebounded from their own Chili Davis curse. The key will be to hit as many tanks and yabos and dingers and dongs as possible. And there is no better person to lead the way then Sammy Sosa and no I am not joking at all whatsoever give the People what we want Tom. THEO.  You guys owe us one. Bring back Sammy and let the boys loose.