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Thirsty Thursday: Kill Some Time At Work With This NHL Water Bottle Tribute Video

Only a couple hours left on your Thursday which basically means it’s Friday which basically means it’s the weekend. So you don’t actually want to do any work anymore for the week. You’re just counting down the minutes until you can get the hell out of there for the weekend. With that in mind, here’s a great little way to disregard any actual work you have to do and kill a little time between now and then.

Out of all the major sports, the water bottle has the most significance in hockey. In the NFL, the only time the water bottle is really given any sort of importance is when we’re talking about the water jug and it’s dumped on the coach after a Super Bowl win. But as far as the individual water bottles go, they never really play a role in the game. Same thing goes for baseball. The only shine the water gets is when a player freaks the fuck out and starts attacking the water jug in the dugout. Aside from that, we never see the water bottle in baseball. I don’t even know if they have water bottles in the NBA. But in the NHL? Well the water bottle is key and it’s everywhere.

The most important role the water bottle plays in the NHL is when it gets sniped off the top of the net. Any time you can pop bottles with a nice little snipe show top bunk, it’s an automatic add to the highlight reel.

After that I’d say it goes to the Alien Drinkers. These are the guys who simply cannot be human with the way they attempt to drink out of the water bottle. Whether it’s guys like Kessel who down a 2 liter of Powerade…

…or the bozos like Dustin Brown who still haven’t quite mastered the basic human function of drinking water

…these guys are total aliens and I refuse to believe anything otherwise. And then finally, you also have the water bottle being used in the NHL as a form of a chirp almost. Just a little spray here and there to get under a guy’s skin.

You just don’t get that in other sports. The water bottle in hockey is just as much a part of the game as the ice, as the puck, as the players. The water bottle is always at the center of things in the NHL and sometimes we take it for granted. I’m just glad somebody went out of their way and took the time to make this video to pay tribute.