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Vote For The AFC West Ultimate Teams: TE


ICYMI I’ve started a fan vote for the ultimate AFC West teams and did Defensive Ends in the last poll. Here are the results from last week:

Chargers: Joey Bosa (51%) & Luis Castillo (25%)

ChargersThis is 100% recency bias by you guys and I don’t even care. Love these two warriors.

Chiefs: Jared Allen (53%) & Tamba Hali (48%)

ChiefsGod damn Jared Allen was an unreal talent. As good as he was, Tamba might actually be better pound-for-pound. 226 sacks between these monsters.

Broncos: Elvis Dumervil (66%) & DeMarcus Ware (49%)

broncosI refuse to think of Ware as a Bronco, regardless of the fact that he was instrumental in them winning SB 50. Dumervil, though, was maybe one of the most gifted DEs from a talent standpoint I’ve ever seen.

Raiders: TIE: Howie Long & Khalil Mack at 62.6% each!

RaidersI’ve been doing these polls for a while, both in blogs for football and movies. I’ve never seen a tie right down to the number before. I think even Howie would tell you that Mack is more talented than he was, but Howie is also an icon in Raiders lore.

Time to move on to a fun, and loaded, position for this division. TIGHT ENDS. Remember, vote for one. And if you’re pooping your pants that your fav isn’t on the list, write them in.





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