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8D Tunes Makes Me Wonder Why We Haven't Always Been Listening To Music In 8D

Just real quick, I couldn’t sit here and not share this with the world. 8D Tunes are taking over my life. 5th Year Chuck gave me his headphones to listen to a song yesterday and I was blown away, but I assumed it was because he has really nice headphones. Like, how different could “8D Tunes” really be?

So flash forward to today and people around the office are still talking about 8D music. So I plugged my janky ass headphones that I bought at an Amtrak station into my computer, hit play, and I was blown away once again.

I don’t know how it’s so good but I never want to go back to listening to music regularly ever again. It’s like being at a surround sound concert. A couple of the songs made me feel kind of seasick, but I love it for the most part. The other bad part is I keep taking out my headphones to make sure it’s not playing outloud because I guess my brain and ears aren’t used to the music hitting them from all sides.

There’s lots more on their YouTube page. Not sure if this is a fad or if this is the future, but I certainly am enjoying the shit out of it.