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I Still Can't Believe I'm Going To Hang Out With The nWo At The End Of The Month (And How You Can Too)

Something you may have missed in the fight week madness is the fact that Barstool Sports is going to be one of the very few media outlets allowed in to the nWo Reunion down in Orlando, Florida for coverage. Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash will be getting the band back together again to do their first ever Q&A/meet and greet together, with special guests and surprises planned all over the place – it’s gonna be insane, really – and coming out of my hectic last week, it sorta just hit me in the face like a big boot that I’m actually going to be hanging with the nWo at the end of the month. Making content with three larger-than-life icons. Heroes of mine. Idols. It’s insane.

You could be there, too, though.


That’s right! You could be there with us.

When I approached the Hulkster about coming down and covering the event, he was thrilled, and suggested giving an All Access Pass out to a Stoolie. This is what that gets you:

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 6.44.05 PM

Being a man of the people, I couldn’t resist that offer, so here’s what we’re going to do to determine who’ll get to come out to the event with us – we’ll make it real quick and easy for ya – just simply tweet me (@RobbieBarstool) and Hulk (@HulkHogan) why you should be the one to go, and tag #nWoReunion somewhere within the tweet.

I’ll sift through ‘em all, consult with my main man Hulk Hogan, and get back to the winner on Monday, October 22nd! On your end, well, you’ll just have to be able to make it – Saturday, Oct. 27th in Orlando, Florida – we ain’t providin’ travel.

If you’re not the one we wind up selecting, but still wanna go to this legendary event without breakin’ your banks, Hogan also threw in a discounted price for Stoolies to buy tickets. So whatcha gonna do, brother?

NOT come see the nWo’s Reunion? Ha.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 6.17.41 PM

No chance. Too sweet me, bro.