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Today In Women Returns: Batting 1st Is Girl Who "Used To Play Rugby In High School" Thinking She Can Take Down 315lb College Lineman

This is from last year but it’s just starting to go viral now for all the right reasons. I’m not saying the beasts she saw grazing the female rugby plains didn’t resemble the largest buffalo in all the lands, but come on. Just because she used to muffdive bison play women’s rugby doesn’t mean she can take down anyone, anywhere at will, let alone a rhino of a college football player. I used to play baseball but that doesn’t mean I think I can get solid wood on a heater from Verlander. But sweet form, toots. Way to go in full speed with the head directly down. Only chance she had was going in low and knocking out the pins. Girl is very lucky she’s not drinking out of a straw for the rest of her days.




More women being women. May the broad be with you: