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Well, Shit: Eagles RB Jay Ajayi Is Placed On Injured Reserve With A Torn ACL

We’ve got no RB. We’ve got no secondary. OUR PET’S HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!!! What the hell are we doing here, Doug?

This is coming directly after Ajayi complained in his delightfully fraudulent English accent about the Eagles not running the ball enough. And what a surprise it is. To think we all thought The Jay Train would be derailed for the season due to playing with a broken back – Seriously. Nope. Just a popped ACL for the 25-year-old RB, which leaves the Eagles in dire straights at the position. Corey Clement and Darren Sproles are both banged up. Wendell Smallwood has seen glimpses of success, but is far from a #1. And then there’s Josh Adams who has made a living in the preseason only. I think they can get by with a healthy Clement as the “Starter” with Smallwood and Sproles chiming in, but nobody is gonna be surprised if Howie goes full Howie, for better or worse…

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