What An Outrageous Move By This Maid

Source – NY Post Instead, the maids trashed her apartment, ate her ice cream, guzzled her booze — and one of them even passed out drunk on the kitchen floor.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 12.53.30 PM

This maid has done what every employee has always wanted to do. You get into work, you look at all the shit you have to finish today and you just want to drink. She takes it to the next level and starts eating some Ice Cream and if you look in the back of the picture she has a full watermelon near her too. The balls on this lady are impeccable. The cops were called on her and she stayed on the couch licking her ice cream like it was a normal Tuesday.

I need to see a live reaction to the person who hired her coming home. You almost have to respect it because it’s not like she ran away, she just took a snooze on your floor that you paid her to clean. It also turns out that her husband left her after 19 years and this is how she coped with it. This whole story has been all over the place and I never want to be involved with something like this.

Lastly as a nation, it is crazy that we trust strangers to come into our houses while you are not home and clean your house. I think if you trust them and this happens, you can’t do anything about it. You are the crazy person that let them in. On that note my house is a mess so I need to hire someone I trust to clean my house before my parents come home.