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These Fake Text Messages To DeSean Jackson Are A Riot And A Half!


Reader Email:

Hey guys,

Thought this was to funny not to share! All sounds about right to me.

I’m in stitches here! Was that a Michael Vick dog joke? Oh, the hilarity! Never knew a Riley Cooper racist quip would be so endearing. Didn’t quite get the Deangelo Hall line. Wait a second, Mark Sanchez throws a lot interceptions! Ahh how could I ever be so crass! All that’s missing is a joke about the airline food on the Eagles plane, oh wait, Andy Reid must have taken the entire supply with him on the way out of town! Get it, he’s fat! Buzzfeed is going to have to lock up the creator of this quick before The Big Bang Theory gets their hands on a new head writer.

Been sent this numerous times since last week and have had enough. People actually find this funny? If anyone actually chuckled to any of these they need to have their voter registration and reproductive rights taken away from them immediately. This is the exact result of when Rick Reilly, Adam Schefter and Darren Rovell fuck. An absolute late term abortion of humor.