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I Like The Cut Of Toronto Blue Jay's Brett Lawrie's Jib



Sure, the Internet is loaded with free pornography ranging all the way from Asian Ass Porn to Zombie Zebra Fisters. Some might say it’s wise for people in the spotlight to hinder one’s urges from the public. Keep their fetishes discrete the depths of Internet browsers. Well, me and my boy Brett Lawrie are the kind of tuna that swim against the current. Anyone who decided to get full sleeve tats on both arms or blogs for the equivalent of minimum wage in Bangladesh has given up what people think about them a long time ago. Nobody is going to tell us that we can’t follow the best and beautiful Twitter ass accounts in all the land. No reason a man can’t get a little @BootyAndBeauty mixed in on that feed in between the Breaking News Tweet about Russia invading Europe or UberFact randomly informing you there are one million ants for every human in the world. It’s about the little things in life that get us by.

Ass Bible is now the real Holy Book.