It's Always Sunny Bloopers Are Almost As Good As The Actual Show

I’m a huge blooper guy. Given the opportunity to watch expertly scripted and edited comedy vs just some friends fucking around and laughing I’m choosing the latter every time. Watching an actor forget a line or try and keep a straight face is just hysterical, someone breaking is almost always the funniest part of an SNL skit (shoutout Jimmy Fallon). Do I think all this because it’s impossible for me to ever keep a straight face? You could make that argument.

Like everything, Sunny does it better than anyone else. Some of these clips are funnier than anything that actually made the show (particularly Cricket saying Charlie is gonna need a red crayon while he describes the dicks in the dog orgy). Gotta hurt if you’re another person in Hollywood and you put your blood, sweat, and tears into a project for years only to realize that Sunny’s fuckups are better than any scene you’ve ever written.