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Reader Email: The Hardest A Soccer Player Ever Got Hit And Still Was Left Standing


So last week in an indoor soccer game, my friend from work got rocked in the face from 6 yards out.. Somehow he stayed on his feet, but he got a pretty nasty concussion (He’s ok now). Somehow someone had video of it, make sure you watch it with sound so you can get the full effect. By the way I work for the Philadelphia Union and we all love the site.


Hey, a save is a save is a save. Obviously he had a Grade 3 concussion. If he wasn’t out of it he would’ve realized he was on the soccer field and proceeded to act like he took a shot from Tyson in his prime. This took place in Europe his head might have come clean off his body to try to scumbag a Yellow Card.

Shout out to our fans over at the Union. Especially since there’s no chance I’m ever stepping into Chester unless it’s to double down at Harrah’s or am kidnapped in a trunk. DOOP!