Iowa Bar Trolls Nebraska Football And Will Give Out Free Beer When The Huskers Get Their First Win

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I love it. I fucking love it. This made me so happy when I saw the tweet. Keeep trollin trollin trollin trollin. You really don’t think of Iowans as the trolling type but Barley in Council Bluffs is rubbing all of the salt in Nebraska’s giant wounds and I couldn’t be more here for it. Us Iowans are a kind and gentle people unless it comes to Nebraska football and how much we love seeing them suffer. So it’s been a great college football season thus far watching them embarrass themselves in front of the whole country. Iowans sat back and watched as the entire state of Nebraska sucked Scott Frost’s dick to climax when he got hired and we were waiting for our opportunity to make fun of them. Well it came sooner than expected when the Huskers sprinted outta the gate to a raucous 0-4 start and puked all over themselves at every turn. 0-4! They are TERRIBLE and the prodigal son looks like he made the biggest mistake of his life leaving the comforts of UCF. Amazing. Huge shoutout to Barleys in Council Bluffs. You guys are doing God’s work. Fuck Nebraska.

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