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So what is the secret you ask? We’ll brace yourself. Ok make sure you are sitting down because here it is. Connor McGregor is an underdog Saturday night. Gasp! Listen I don’t pretend to be an mma expert but this was flat out shocking to me when I heard this. I assumed he was like a 2-1 favorite. Nope. He’s +140. That’s insane. I feel like if you asked 99% of the general public who was the favorite they’d say Connor. I know I would have. Just shocking. And you gotta figure all the public/dumb money is on McGregor too so an honest line is probably closer to +200. I guess this guy he’s fighting is a bad mamma jamma. Wrestles bears and shit. This makes me want to watch the fight even more now that I know McGregor is the underdog. And yes I’m betting on the Notorious One.

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