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I Went On Tucker Carlson Last Night And Gave A Very Important Speech About Society's Crackdown On Comedy And Almost Moved Myself To Tears

Let me say 4 things real quick.

1. The makeup artist kinda of fucked me. I have a natural glow from Nantucket, but I’m not DJ Pauly D Orange

2. I like Tucker Carlson. He’s been great to me. But I will go on any major TV show that invites me on to defend Barstool against our detractors. Tucker is the only one who ever gives me that chance. It’s not political. I’d love for somebody who hates me or trashes us to engage me in a televised debate but to this point nobody has taken up on that offer or even bothered to contact me. They just shoot arrows from the forest and then run away.

3. Not many people can pull off blue suit, blue shirt, blue tie. I did.

4. I’m still fired up.