A Florida And Kentucky Man Combine To Join Forces Resulting In A Stolen Tractor And A Taser

This feels like it could be a Clickbait Smits blog, but screw it, I’m getting in on this thing too. I love this video. This is what happens when you combine Florida and Kentucky all together. Naturally it took place in Florida and I’m not thrilled to say the guy is wearing a Kentucky hat.

First, you have the stolen tractor. That just seems like a regular Tuesday in Florida if you’re a cop. Gotta go take care of stolen tractor case number 472. Then you have the guy just wandering all over the place on the tractor. He couldn’t be having a better time it looks like.

Naturally this is the suspect in the stolen tractor case or this guy really wanted to run back to Lexington for Rough n Rowdy. My man took off down the road as fast as possible. Unfortunately for him the odds were stacked against him with the cop having a taser. So he goes down like a fish out of water

Ah, never change Florida and Kentucky. Never change.