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Holy Shit Tom Wilson Got 20 (TWENTY!) Games

I mean. Wow. Holy fucking shit. 20 games is an absurd number of games. I’m having a hard time comprehending how they just gave him 20 games. I know he’s a repeat offender. I know he has a bad reputation. And the league wanted to send a message. But 20 games!? Damn. Even a certain Barstool Sports hockey podcast thought the clean leaned towards clean. McSorley got 23 for trying to chop Brashear’s head off.

A lot of people around the league are happy with it, but I think it sets a weird precedent. This particular hit wasn’t as bad as other hits that haven’t been suspension-worthy. The NHL can’t really figure out what to do with Willy. But he’s going to have to dramatically change his game now. He’s been playing right on the edge, and this time he crossed it and the league decided they had enough. Missing a quarter of the games is devastating. I assume there will be an appeal process, but even if it goes down to 15, that’s a shit ton of games still. 20 games. Sheeesh.