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Vote For The AFC West Ultimate Teams: DE


ICYMI I’ve started a fan vote for the ultimate AFC West teams and started with Running backs last week. Here are the results from last week:

Chargers: L.T. (91%)

No surprise here at all. Top 3 RB all time, let alone the division.

Chiefs: Priest Holmes (44%)

I thought Jamaal Charles might have a chance because of recency bias, but I’m happier people haven’t forgotten how insanely good Holmes was. He broke the back of so many great defenses.

Broncos: Terrell Davis (72%)

What an outrageous blend of speed and size Davis was. Props to Willis McGahee taking in 7% of the vote, though.

Raiders: Bo Jackson

This is so, sooooo unfair to Marcus Allen, who is 14th and 3rd all-time in rushing yards and touchdowns respectively as a member of Oakland and Kansas City. Bo is one of the GOAT athletes, though.

Time to move on to Defensive ends! There is some serious star power here, but also a ton of olds I had to rip out of the history books. It was a little tricky getting selections because some are considered DT’s or general Defensive linemen etc. There might be some crossover when we loop back to DT’s, we’ll see. Also: VOTE FOR 2


I’m not saying you should vote for Bosa, but I’m not NOT saying it either. Faison is also an all-time talent at the position.


I’m voting Allen, regardless of what issues Vikings fans have over claiming him. Him and Tamba would make a great combo here.


I think people forget how dominant Elvis Dumervil was. Second is up for grabs.


Gotta vote for friend of the program Howie Long, right? Him and Townsend have my vote.

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