Should Dana Holgorsen Stop Bullying Rutgers Football?!


West Virginia is off to a hot start. Starting 4-0 with Will Grier, a legit Heisman candidate. Next up for the Mountaineers are the Kansas Jayhawks. Think Dana Holgorsen is concerned?!

There aren’t many tweets that pop up on my timeline that make me audibly say “oh my god,” but this was one of them. 10/10 Dana. 10/10. I don’t care how unprovoked of a shot it is, if the target is Rutgers, I am going to laugh.

How bad has Rutgers been this year? BAD.

They started their season off with a part of their schedule they were expecting to go potentially 4-1 in. That didn’t happen. They are now 1-4 (edit: initially I called Rutgers 2-4, that was wrong)  thanks to double-digit point losses to Kansas & Buffalo.

The good news for Rutgers? They have Illinois on deck in the #B1G Football Butt Bowl.

Oh, yeah, to answer the question I posed in my headline. Should Dana Holgorsen stop bullying Rutgers football? Hell no. If there’s any program that should be used to the mud it should be Rutgers, the birthplace of college football.

P.s. Before you disrespect Rutgers football in the comments, please remember you are disrespecting the 1869 National Champions. 

P.s.s. Yes, the 1869 season consisted of 2 teams and 1 game. But Rutgers won it goddamnit. 

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