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This Commercial For The MLB Playoffs Embracing Breaking The Unwritten Rules Of Baseball Has Me Stoked For The Postseason

Holy shit, did someone involved with Major League Baseball actually grow a funny bone while shitting all over the ridiculous unwritten rules that all the old heads are always yelling at clouds about? I imagine Brian McCann, Goose Goassage, and 90% of the Baseball Writer’s Association Of America are puking their guts out at the mere thought of people having fun in the playoffs. Baseball is a business, not a game!

But seriously, that commercial just got me hyped as fuck for the playoffs. I’m sure if your team is in the tournament or you are a baseball junkie like Carrabis, you have been stoked for weeks. However, I haven’t been excited about a baseball game since about June because my team is the biggest laughingstock in the league. Actually strike that. I was excited to watch my favorite player ever play one last game and that ended in a meek foul out to first base before watching a 0-0 pitchers’ duel terrible offenses duel go 13 innings before my hero gave his speech in front of a half empty stadium.

So it’s safe to say that baseball has not been berry berry good to me as of late. But if you make a video full of batflips to the moon, celebrations of guys rubbing their success into their opponents faces, and the fun stuff that happens on a baseball diamond that fans love with the coolest baseball player we will ever see narrating it with a backward hat, I am all the way back in. I love guys like Yasiel Puig and Javy Baez letting their nuts hang on the game’s biggest stage. That’s what baseball’s all about. The only way that video could have gotten the blood rushing to the right places more is if we got a glimpse of the man that has moved more motor vehicles than Henry Ford himself, Rikk motherfucking Wilde.

But alas, Rikk didn’t make the cut. Either that or they are saving the GOAT for their World Series commercial. Regardless, for the first time in forever, I am actually excited to watch baseball again. I imagine that excitement will subside quickly when Jeurys Familia enters the Wild Card game in the 7th inning with the A’s leading by one and the heart of the Yankees order due up.