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Ezekiel Elliott Is Saving Dallas' Ass

I will not put too much into this Cowboys W. I will not put too much into this Cowboys W. I will not put too much into this Cowboys W. I will not put too much into this Cowboys W. I will not put too much into this Cowboys W.

The Dallas Cowboys are now 2-2 after a 38 yard walk-off FG over Detroit last Sunday.

As it always is in sports, you ride a weekly roller coaster. Last week, I was more than over it. This week, I’m having to convince myself that this offense has not magically fixed all of it’s problems in a last second win over the Lions. Realistically, it’s somewhere in the middle. And even more realistically, this W could mask a dumpster fire that still exists.

But a win is a win is a win.

It wasn’t even like Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan did anything wildly different either. They just used what the have on their roster better. Things like putting more on #21’s shoulders. Oh, giving the ball to your by-far-best weapon more often is a good idea? Who knew.

Yes, the Lions defense is horrendously bad against the run. Like the worst in the league. But they couldn’t really stop them in the air either.

Zeke was the best rusher and receiver on a career-high day. Dak FINALLY hit 200+ and was accurate while doing it. The offense played at a faster tempo. They got better blocking from their TEs. The OLine looked competent. And the former-CFL kicker channeled his inner Dan Bailey to end the game.

All positive things. Not to mention, DeMarcus Lawrence will haunt Matt Stafford’s dreams this week.

But… they’re only .500. And if we’re being honest, people got too high on Detroit after they beat the Pats the week before. Their defense is just not good, even with Matty P in charge. So, no. I won’t put TOO much into the 26-24 win. But from where I sat last Tuesday, I feel (a little) better about this team. Mostly because of Zeke. We’ll see how they build on a gritty win next week in Houston.

They don’t have to reinvent the wheel. They just to make sure their Ferrari is running on it’s best set of tires.

Dear Jason Garrett,

Feed the man and let him save your ass.

I mean, hell, if the Cowboys get into the playoffs, there won’t be a more valuable player to a team than Zeke. Is he the best player in the league? No. Would he be the most valuable? 1000%.

PS – No, Tony Romo is not coming back despite the health comments last week. Jerry Jones just announced that he’ll will be inducted into the Ring of Honor (despite not winning shit). To be fair, he does hold the Cowboy’s all-time passing record, other QBs have also been inducted without a ring and he was clearly very talented. Still – call me crazy – but playoff wins > individual stat records. No offense.