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Woman Gets Shot In The Eye With Flying Golf Ball At The Ryder Cup, And Her Eye Explodes - Update: Brooks Koepka Kindly Reaches Out

MashableCorine Remande, 49, was hit in the face by a ball shot by American golfer Brooks Koepka at this year’s tournament.

Is ‘explosion of the eyeball’ actually a medical term? I’m very sorry for this woman, but you have to admit: if you have to lose sight in your eye in a golf-related incident, calling it an “eyeball explosion” makes it way more cool. “How’d you lose your eye sight?” “Oh, my eye exploded” Sick, am I right?

I don’t mean to lessen the tragedy here. It really sucks for this woman, and it seems like it might be about to suck for Brooks Koepka, too. The article does not make it entirely clear whether she is threatening legal action against the organizers of the tournament or against Koepka himself, but she seems pretty keen on suing:

Remande, who had travelled from Egypt to watch the tournament in Paris, is now considering taking legal action. According to Remande, the organisers have not made contact with her since the incident. Remande also told AFP that there was “no warning shout from the course official when the ball was heading towards the crowd.”

This is obviously not an ideal situation for anyone. However, accidents do happen, and whether you heard “fore” or not, you can still be hit with a flying ball. If I were the tournament organizers, I would do the classy thing and pay her medical bills. All she can do from then on is chalk it up to a good story and call it even. At the very least, it’s a great conversation starter. I mean, most people lose their eyesight from cataracts or old age. At least she can say a cute American professional golfer shot her in the eye with a golf ball and caused it to explode, which would definitely make her the most interesting person in the room.


Looks like my guy Brooks has done the right thing and reached out to Ms. Remande, so hopefully he’ll be okay in the lawsuits to come.