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Keith Yandle Might Be The Funniest Guy In The NHL

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This is a blog I always knew I’d write, I just wanted to wait until we had enough Yandle stories posted to social media to finally blog it. Well, after the latest episode of Spittin’ Chiclets, I’m finally here to say, I think Keith Yandle might be the funniest guy in the NHL.

Look, that’s a bold claim to make and I know some of you may just think I’m saying that to kiss this dudes ass because he’s Whit’s best friend, but I could honestly care less. I mean, has the guy invited me into his house to record a podcast before? Yes. But I’m not here to brag about that.

When Ryan told the story on today’s podcast about Keith, no one could contain themselves. Biz, RA, Ryan and myself, none of us could keep it together. This story is outrageous.

And after listening I knew the time had to come to go back and dig up some old Spittin’ Chiclets clips of times we have had Yandle on and I found some gold.

I’m sure most people would be able to see how funny this guy actually is if he was on social media, which he isn’t. But who needs social media when you have an AAV for $6.35m until 2022-23 and is coming off a nice 5-year, $26.25m deal. Guy will be looking at career earnings of around $70m when this deal is up. Not a big deal at all. And he’s worth the money. The guys is a point machine.

The NHL doesn’t do a good job at promoting their star players, so I figured I might as well help. We need more Yandle mic’d up.