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This Jacob deGrom For Cy Young Commercial Should Have Locked Up Every Vote For deGrom

Did the Mets actually do something right for once? Usually when I see something on Twitter involving the Mets, it’s picture of a 3 paragraph long essay explaining on how they fucked up a promotion, a player’s injury, or something else. Maybe you get Mr. Met flipping off a camera or Keith Hernandez saying something problematic on a hot mic. But I think SNY actually nailed this one. You could feel the scumbagginess from those muckraking political commercials jump out of your screen and into your eyeballs, which leads me to believe that one of the Wilpons may have actually lent a hand in the production of this. Even the timing was perfect. If you release this video in mid-late October, people would hate it because we are all up to our eyeballs in campaign videos reminding us that every single politician running for office is a crooked piece of shit one way or the other. But since it’s not #MuckrakingSZN yet, stuff like this is still tolerable. So while there shouldn’t be any doubt that Jacob deGrom was the best pitcher in the National League during the 2018 season, I appreciate SNY doing their part by giving deGrom’s campaign some personality without getting too muddy by making Max Scherzer look even more like an evil villain than he already does. Plus there is a pretty good chance that the old curmudgeons that actually vote on the MLB awards will think this commercial is serious and it could change their minds.

Now here is today’s Jacob deGrom Was Easily The Best Pitcher Of The 2018 Season Even Though The Team He Played On Was A Fucking Joke Stat Of The Day: