Sidney Crosby Was Not A Fan Of The Tom Wilson Hit

So the Tom Wilson hit on Oskar Sundqvist is a major topic of conversation in the hockey world right now. Was it dirty? Should Sundqvist have had his head up? I’m not going to sit here and try to convince you for either side of the spectrum. Because when you see a hit like this, you make an immediate reaction in your head and most of the time, it is impossible to change. You don’t take a step back to actually watch the full play and not just a 3 second gif.

Any who, Sidney Crosby was asked today about the hit, and he didn’t hold back. As someone who is very reserved when it comes to the media, you know #87 must feel extremely passionate about something if he is going to come forward and make a statement like this, he knows how powerful his words are in the hockey community.

Wilson will have an in-person meeting with the NHL Department of Player Safety Wednesday morning and it sounds like he’ll be suspended, it just depends on how long. My guess would be 5 games. But who knows with the NHL.

You be there judge.