Reader Email: Was It Cool To Attend My Friend's WWF Themed Superstar Party?




Is it cool that my friend (Ultimate Warrior) threw his 33rd birthday this weekend by inviting friends and family over to dress as our favorite WWF superstar and constructed a backyard ring where we spent the night stone colding beers, beating each other up, and filming promos in the basement until 5am and ended with him going through a table? I’m good right?


Ah, the ol’ themed parties while growing up. A staple of childhood events. Will always remember going to a superhero party and being made fun of because my Mom thought it would be cute (aka cheap) to give me glasses and send me in as Clark Kent. Not all parents spoiled the shit out of their children by splurging on those $14.99 authentic costumes from Halloween Adventure. So you kids have all the fun in the world with your wrestli…wait, you’re 33? Interesting…

Unlike almost every other member here at Barstool, I grew out of wrestling around middle school when things like girls and reality became priorities. But to each their own. If this is what qualifies as an excuse to bring those women and children out from the locked basement to see the sunlight for the first time in months, more power to them. Just shocked to see there’s no mobile homes or furniture in the lawn in the one photo. Thought both were legitimate requirements to having a wrestling themed party post 30. However, the sleeve tat on the Ultimate Warrior makes me think he wanted to have this party solely to have an excuse to go an entire night without a shirt. What’s the point in only telling people you do Crossfit when you can show them?

If Sergeant Slaughter didn’t dominate the Royal Rumble/Goose-A-Thon in the basement then something was obviously rigged. Those pipes from a distance don’t look like they like to be trifled with.

UPDATE: We want answers: