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Phil Sucked At The Ryder Cup But Hey He Can Kick A Water Bottle Off A Person's Head So That's Cool I Guess

Cool. Awesome. Glad they’re all having fun. Maybe don’t suck so bad at the Ryder Cup, Phil. Maybe less high leg kicks and more points for the good guys. Maybe less kicking water bottles off people’s heads and more hitting golfs balls where there’s no water. Just a thought. Those are just some ideas I’ve got floating around in my brain. I sure didn’t need to see a video Team USA guys whooping it because Lefty can do a party trick (that we’ve already seen him do). That trick would be a whole lot cooler if it were part of a victory celebration. Of course it was Bubba who tweeted the video out. He doesn’t care that Team USA just got their doors blown off. He’s just excited that Phil is still a legend who can kick a water bottle off a person’s head. Cool. Awesome. Live it up in Paris fellas. Thanks for nothing. I’m not bitter. You’re bitter. We needed points Phil! Points!