Kanye Just Dropped The Best Performance In The History Of SNL

I’m not much of a sketch comedy guy so I don’t watch a lot of SNL, but I’m watching tonight because Kanye is on and he already delivered in his first performance. Absolute 10/10. It’s the only time I’ve even smiled thus far aside from the opening with Matt Damon playing Kavanaugh.

And I’m not even being sarcastic, as some folks on Twitter think. This is fantastic. I’m not going to pretend it’s a good song, it’s obviously terrible, but this performance is great stuff. One of the greatest rappers alive is out there in a Perrier bottle dancing with a purple haired Fiji bottle while mumbling his ass off and the country is eating it up. Earlier this week I wondered if Kanye was a troll or genuine and it’s no obvious he’s a troll. As soon as the lights went on he couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. You could see the hamster wheel spinning while he thought “I did Jesus Walks. I did Through the Wire. Now I’m on national television wearing a sparkling water costume and doing Fortnite dances!”

Can’t wait for the next song!