Today I Made My Interpreting And PMT Debut!

The first time I heard about Barstool Sports was from a guy, let’s call him Mark, I was semi-dating a couple of years ago. Mark was OBSESSED with Pardon My Take. He would talk about Big Cat and PFT like he knew them (which I’ll admit I thought was a bit charming, but also weird for a 38-year-old man), so I started listening to the podcast to hear what all the hype was about.

Two years later, I’m sitting in between the guys Mark wanted to be BFFs with (maybe more, who knows), making my interpreting debut on the podcast he would give up his first-born to listen to.

Life moves at ya fast.

Big thank you to good guy Mark for introducing me to PMT, and shoutout to Big Sexy for speaking a language that put me in the middle of two sexies.

P.S. I’ve never recorded anything in Spanish before, and was a little thrown off when I first heard myself speak. In fact, I kind of didn’t recognize my own voice. Overall though, I’d give myself a B+ for translating, and an A++ for helping create the new “it” phrase: INFIERNO SI!