A Solution To Kevin Durant's Problem About The Pure Hate Keeping Him From Winning Awards

Oh, Kevin. Oh, Kevin what it is you doing? (Did I do the gif right?)

This simple fact is you don’t win DPOY because you are on the Warriors. You didn’t win DPOY because you weren’t better than Anthony Davis or Rudy Gobert. Don’t get me wrong Durant is one of the best defenders in the league. There’s no doubting that and it’s talked about all the time.

If playing on the Warriors didn’t win you awards because of ‘pure hate’ why did Draymomd win the award two seasons ago? Now, I will say this. He should have been on one of the All-Defensive teams last year. There’s no doubting that. Part of what makes the Warriors so great is Durant’s ability to lock down wings and then switch if needed. But, is anyone really voting for guys like Davis, Gobert, Covington, Holiday and Oladipo simply because Durant is on the Warriors?

Now, if you want to tell me there’s voter fatigue for LeBron to win MVP or even Durant to win MVP, then sure, I’ll listen. It happened with Michael, who should have won roughly 10 MVPs, just like LeBron. That voter fatigue is real. But, I’m not buying the pure hate for the Warriors.

That said, if Durant really wants to win awards like this, just come on over to the Knicks. No one will hate you if you join the Knicks. In fact you may be the most beloved man in the game. Who wouldn’t want to befriend Clem, Steve Cheah and myself? That’s what you get with joining the Knicks and quite honestly it sounds delightful.