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The Hypocrites At Deadspin In Full Spin Zone Mode As Many of Their Staffers Sexist and Homophobic Comments Come To Light

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So in a story as old as time itself some of the people who stomp their feet the loudest and create the biggest commotion about Barstool have a long and storied past of saying and doing things far more vile than anything anybody at Barstool has ever done.  Just disgusting comments from some of the top writers over at Deadspin.  Truly revolting stuff.  The F word, rape jokes, fat girl shaming etc.   Makes my skin crawl.  Honestly it does.   Tom Ley is homophobic   Barry Petchesky thinks rape is surprise sex.   Samer Kaleef lives to body shame female athletes.  Just a cesspool of the worst parts of our society. 

And in case you are wondering there is no denying they said these things. Tom Ley is going with the “hey they were just jokes and we pulled them out of context” excuse. Ohhhh so now pulling things out of context matters? You don’t say Tom? But you aren’t funny and Deadspin isn’t a comedy site so why were you joking about this in the first place. Seriously now I understand why all Deadspin employees were ordered to delete their twitter histories. I can’t imagine all the horrific stuff they were saying that they erased from the internet. It’s tough to throw stones at glass houses when everybody has a key to the house. It will be interesting to see what the “leaders” at Deadspin do. It seems their very employees are guilty of far worse crimes than they attack us for. If past history is any indication Tom and Barry will say they’ve changed. That what they said in the past doesn’t count anymore and everybody will forget it. Oh wait! Breaking! Barry finally apologized!

“My comments were vile. There was a fat joke. There was an anorexia joke. There was a rape joke. There are probably more; I don’t even remember writing these. (My cruelty was just that casual.) I am ashamed, pit-in-my-stomach, cheeks-afire ashamed. I am sorry, not that the comments have been surfaced, but that I wrote them in the first place. I am not capable of the words to express my disgust and my regret.”

Barry “Sexual Predator” Petrovsky

Too predicable. I guarantee you this. If I said these things and people just dug them up I’d be crucified for it. There would be countless articles how I’m the antichrist, Hitler, white supremist, woman abuser etc. Luckily all my dirty laundry is already out in the open and it all pales in comparison to this. And I didn’t have to delete my twitter history either. I’m just not a sexist, homophobic asshole like these guys are.