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Many People Are Saying That I Was The 1st Pick In The NLL Draft Last Night

The 2018 NLL Draft was last night in Philadelphia. There were 74 picks in the draft which included some of the best talent the game has to offer. Guys like Austin Staats, Chris Cloutier, Ian MacKay, Connor Fields, Trevor Baptiste. Guys who are going to absolutely dominate the league.

But the name that was called before all of them? The first name to be announced at the 2018 NLL Draft? “Jordie from Barstool”. A dream come true moment for me. Does it matter that it was just NLL commissioner Nick Sakiewicz stuffing me into a locker? No it absolutely does not. Because all that matters is that every year, there is one name that gets announced first at the draft. And this year it was me. No offense to Austin Staats or anything but 2018 will go down as the Barstool Jordie draft.

P.S. – Full video recap of the draft will hopefully be ready to go later this week. But quick shoutout to the league for throwing together a great event last night. In order to really start to legitimize professional lacrosse, you have to put together a professional product both on and off the floor. Last night’s draft was exactly that.